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Petri Dish

Role of histone H2AZ chaperone VPS72 in regulating Treg cell functional plasticity in tumor microenvironment

The immune-suppressive niche within the tumor microenvironment (TME) is a critical factor contributing to tumor immune evasion and progression. Regulatory T cells (Tregs) play a pivotal role in this context. Vacuolar protein sorting 72 homolog (VPS72), a histone chaperone for H2AZ, plays a crucial role in chromatin modification and gene expression. Our previous research has demonstrated a positive correlation between VPS72 and Treg function within the TME. In the upcoming studies, we aim to employ gene deletion mouse models to elucidate the specific roles and underlying mechanisms of VPS72 and the histone variant H2AZ in Treg maintenance, stability, and function within the tumor microenvironment. The findings from this proposed research will not only advance our comprehension of Treg biology but also pave the way for the development of more effective strategies for Treg-based interventions in cancer treatment.

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